‘Round the Way: Kris Phleks

This ‘Round the Way emcee hails from Lancaster, Pa. Born and raised in the 717, Kris Phleks is proud of his Lanc city roots. The small town rapper often puts in work with artists and producers from across the nation. However, Phleks is most frequently heard collaborating with his hometown producer, Zoilo of Real Muzik Studios.

Phleks recalls being especially inspired by the group Outkast. The album ATLiens helped Phleks recognize his love for Hip Hop and desire to write dope rhymes. Kris credits the famed duo with influencing his penmanship and ability as an emcee with substance and thought-provoking lyrics. Andre 3000 remains a favorite of Kris Phleks.

His last project released in 2015, Phleks is currently working on new music. In the past Phleks has taken a more emotional, and introspective approach to his lyricism. The versatile emcee promises a more tenacious approach in his upcoming music. Hip Hop heads take notice, when you hear Kris Phleks next the journeyman emcee may be invoking the wordplay and rasp of tracks like his Blue Collar Flow.

Past Projects Include: Everything Burns, The Journeyman EP, and The Private Memoirs Prelude (EP)

Standout Tracks: Blue Collar Flow, Rhyme and a Dream, Love You Forever, and Rise

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