‘Round the Way: J-Infinite, A Funky Introduction

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‘Round the Way with J-Infinite

To kick things off I’ll introduce myself. My name is J-Infinite, a child of 80’s and a product of the 90’s. I grew up on Hip Hop music and have been deeply influenced by the culture.

Given a copy of ‘The Low End Theory‘ by A Tribe Called Quest at 11 years old, I was all in. A lifelong fan of ATCQ, I also came up on the likes of Redman, Nas, Gang Starr, Common, and The Roots (to name a few). I’m fond of the mixtape era and remember anxiously copping the latest Tony Touch tapes to hear the freestyles and exclusives. By those standards, I guess that makes me an old-head. I’m hoping you will view me more as someone hoping to bridge the gap between old and new.

My journey with Hip Hop has been an entertaining one. Besides being a blogger and storyteller, I’m a sometimes beat maker and emcee from ’round the way. I released a cumulative project in 2011 titled ‘Truth or Consequences‘. I dabbled in live shows briefly, opening for Redman and Method Man, Freeway, and Wu-Tang. Other projects include ‘INFstrumentals‘, and the unfinished ‘Transcending Timelines‘.

I love making music, but I’m a fan first and foremost. In 2009, I created Soundtekk.com to promote my music. Because of my love for the culture, the 2017 relaunch of Soundtekk places the focus on the state of Hip Hop and it’s status in the community. We’ll be paying homage to the classics, and shouting out anything new and dope respectful of the boom bap tradition.


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