Roc Marciano – Rosebudd’s Revenge

-Hardcore Head Nod-

It’s been a few years since Roc Marciano dropped an album. His new LP, Rosebudd’s Revenge, strikes as a reminder of what hardcore, New York Hip Hop should sound like. It could equally serve as the soundtrack to a modern Blaxploitation flick.

Marci shows his rap prowess over boom bap beats laced with thick 70’s soul samples. The sample-heavy production provides the perfect canvas for Marci to tell his dramatic tales from the underworld of pimps and gangsters. His braggadocios bars are precisely weaved together without wasting a line. If you’re a hardcore Hip Hop fan, Rosebudd’s Revenge is worth a listen.

Some of the most nod-worthy tracks include: Move Dope, Burkina Faso, Marksmen, Pimp Arrest


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